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OK, so two spots seems to be the most popular idea. I will need a red-side host though, as my RP is currently primarily blueside. Any volunteers?

Actually, I could use a host and a few facilitators redside; I'll host blueside but I could use some help there too.

Re: RP Meet and Greet by FalconloftFalconloft, 13 Feb 2011 21:42

Yo, this is Fenrir from the global channel.

As for location I think Stabby's suggestion of the Giza is pretty good. A few of the other random casino's and skyscrapers in the NE of St. Martial are enter-able as well and pretty deserted so they would also work. As for blueside, the lake in Perez Park has a little dock, a nice island etc, it would be a nice area to use.

I suggest we hold it Sunday evening. For a lot of people weekends or evenings are the only times that work and I cannot push for any other time during the weekend since I am unavailable most Friday and Saturday nights. (got paper & pencil rpgs to play.)

I recommend holding a blueside and a redside edition. This is mostly because I know a lot of people don't get all their rp characters up in levels making most of the co-op zones unreachable. Also Pocket D kinda sucks for holding any kind of organized event.

Re: RP Meet and Greet by ShaihuludShaihulud, 03 Feb 2011 04:03

Perhaps schedule two events? More work, BUT people could then bring their blueside toons to make new blueside contacts, redside to make redside contacts, etc. Plus, could then attend on multiple characters.

As far as locations go, I would think the Golden Giza in St. Martial, redside. Blueside, there's that location outside Talos (but it's boring…) or…well, there are any number of beautiful scenic park vistas in Talos.

As far as time, I'd just say watch the channel, see when we have the most members online.

Re: RP Meet and Greet by Stabby McKnifeStabby McKnife, 26 Jan 2011 17:39

1) I think it would be great if we could have it in someones base. Of course that adds to the issue of making it Blueside or Redside only.

2) Evenings/Weekends. Seems best for those who have to get home from work.

3) Co-op zone would be nice as mentioned above so that more people can come. (toga party in Cim?)

Re: RP Meet and Greet by blackshroudblackshroud, 23 Jan 2011 21:28

Well, since nobody seems to wanna respond, I'll go first.

1) It seems like most people are based on blue-side. Since my main character is a Rogue, I wouldn't mind meeting blue. I believe Stabby mentioned outside a war wall in a zone, which sounds as good a place as any. Anywhere where we won't get trolled sounds perfect.
2) Evenings/nights (CST) are best for me, since I'm home even if I worked that day. The only day of the week I consistently have off is Sunday, otherwise my work schedule is hectic.
3) Seems repetitive of question number one, but I'll answer it anyway. I personally don't think we need to separate the meetings, even if the co-op zones aren't that great. (Pocket D is a lousy choice, in my opinion. RWZ and Cimerora I'm meh about.) Though hosting just on blue or just on red limits anyone who plays solely on the other side. Some sort of middle ground should be met.

And that's my two cents.


Re: RP Meet and Greet by Rebel FireStormRebel FireStorm, 19 Jan 2011 21:40
Resistance RP
FalconloftFalconloft 18 Jan 2011 00:15
in discussion General / General » Resistance RP

We've got several Resistance types looking for Resistance-related RP. The SG fell through, but if you're interested in getting with other Resistance members for RP, let us know! We can set up events and storylines if there's enough of you.

Resistance RP by FalconloftFalconloft, 18 Jan 2011 00:15

We've been throwing this one around for a while. A lot of players would like more, or newer contacts for their characters, so it was thought a meet and greet would be a good idea. We need some info though first!

1) Where should we have it?
2) What time of day or week is best for you?
3) Should we have one central location in a co-op zone or two locations, one red, one blue?

I can get a DJ and things as well, once we decide on this stuff and get some firmer data.

RP Meet and Greet by FalconloftFalconloft, 18 Jan 2011 00:14

This is just a quick post to remind people we have an In-Character channel, Radio Free Etoile. It was decided to make it a radio channel rather than an IC setting (e.g. public area, or bar, etc.) but those who were in favour of this have not been using the channel at all.

Should we make a renewed effort to use the channel as is?
Would an actual physical setting be better for the channel?

Share your thoughts!

In-Character Channel by FalconloftFalconloft, 18 Jan 2011 00:11

I (@RobotoHQ) am the mastermind of a storyline I have literally just decided to name 'Cha-Ching' (if you can come up with something better, tell me). It's about my character, Ryan Moore, a convicted bank robber under the alias 'Duffel Bag'. Ryan struck it rich, but then he got mugged by some archvillain of every possession he had. Thus, he turned to his old friend Iva, who is also a small-time criminal under Tripknot. And now he's really poor and looking for mercenary work. I don't know. Anyway, if anyone wants to join it and stuff, feel free to make a newbie villain. I prefer new, fresh villains to ones that already have a wall of storyline trailing behind them and wanting to build up for this one.

A very interesting storyline. by RobotoHQRobotoHQ, 15 Oct 2010 00:24

I lol'd. I know a couple of these people.

There wasn't random MTs in there? Slow day then

I overheard this, in the D. It actually went on for much longer than this, but here it is. I give you a…

Broadcast Argument In a Nutshell!

Sekhmet the Elder: Controversial statement.
Cyber Hex: Insulting counter statement
Sekhmet the Elder: Nonsense words.
Master Kushinada: Declaration of Racism.
Cyber Hex: Direct insult targeting your mother.
Sekhmet the Elder: More nonsense words.
Energy Among Us: Statement (possibly counter) including popular internet meme- likely including something to do with cake.
Sekhmet the Elder: Non sequitor comment about politics.
Cyber Hex: Rude comment regarding someone elses sexuality.
Darkly Falling: Butt-hurt whining.
Energy Among Us: Act as if taking offence.
Cyber Hex: Imply that I am the only one not trolling, when really I am the troll.
Sekhmet the Elder: Declaration of awesomeness of some kind of disgusting fetish.
Sekhmet the Elder: Bristling feminist rebuttal no one reads.
Energy Among Us: Link to gender-confused yaoi with comment saying it leads to a CoX interview about Incarnates.
Cyber Hex: Youtube video of myself after a fifth of vodka, being involved in something related to gender confused yaoi.
Sekhmet the Elder: Broad-stroke critique of Virtue roleplaying politics.
Cyber Hex: Implication that everyone is a furry.
Anna Maris: statement saying virtue roleplaying politics are irrelevant.
Energy Among Us: Admission to being furry despite actually not being.
Sekhmet the Elder: Declaration of self as furry, defensive "furry pride" ranting.
Carpe Potestatem: Statement implying everyone isn't a furry
Black Lancet: Random internet meme catch-phrase only vaguely relevant to the topic.
Master Kushinada: Creation of Roleplay Illuminati Mythos.
Carpe Potestatem: Accusation of trolling when revealed as incorrect.
Cyber Hex: Insistance that I speak only the truth when accused of being a troll.
Sekhmet the Elder: Exposure of self-victimization complex and statement relating furries to Jews.
Anna Maris: mocking response
Cyber Hex: Inevitable use of Godwins Law
Master Kushinada: Denial of statement relating furries to Jews and the Holocaust
Sekhmet the Elder: Holier than thou admonishment.
Anna Maris: Vague meta-text of argument.
Cyber Hex: Admittion to being scared of having sex with the lights on.
Sekhmet the Elder: Asexual griping about hormon-saturated status of Pocket D.
Anna Maris: Apathetic response stating that is like stating H2O tends to be wet.
Master Kushinada: Declaration of benevolent alpha male status.
Interim: Complaint in response to much earlier comment only marginally valid and/or relevant now that so much time has passed!
Black Lancet: Desperate beta-male attempt to usurp the previously noted Alpha-male.
Cyber Hex: Whining about to much chat in broadcast ruining my RP
Anna Maris: Posting of unrelated youtube video:
Interim: Harping on much earlier point that no one actually even remembers having been stated now.
Sekhmet the Elder: Another feminist critique of the white male-dominated MMO sub-culture no one reads.
Master Kushinada: Contending argument stating no women exist on the internet in the first place.
Sekhmet the Elder: Rebuttal stating women do exist on the internet, in great numbers, in numbers high enough to blot out the sun.
Sekhmet the Elder: Statement about the male obsession with phallic symbols and the handling of them, and how it is confusing and strange.

And it went on….

I'd like to try and coordinate a team if I can get more details, first. By the by, I can qualify as a healer…

@Fragment of Nothing
Void Wanderer
3 Tanks / 6 Damage / 6 Buffers / 6 Debuffers / 2 Healers / 3 Misc (I think I did this right? I dunno.)

Only those who are ordinary strive to be extraordinary.

I'm going to try to hold a weekly CoP run, probably on Saturday evening. The run will be In-Character as much as possible.

Here's what we need. The requirements are listed in roles, NOT archetypes.

3 Tanks - The sole duty will be aggro management. Have ways to do this. If possible, Taunt should be available.
6 Damage - AoE Damage is vastly preferred. Barring that, extreme single target damage.
6 Buffers - Both Long duration single-target buffs and AoE buffs are needed. In other words, buffs that don't require a lot of looking after, cuz you probably won't have time.
6 Debuffers - Focus here is on Massive single-target debuffs. We have a limited amount of time to take down an AV so we want -res, -regen -def in abundance. Any other single-target buffs (-dmg, -rech, etc.) are welcome too.
3 Healers - Dedicated healers please. your sole focus will be heals and rezzes. You may not even get to attack.
3 Misc - If you don't fit the above categories, or if we have too many of one or two, the last 3 spots will be filled by the first sign-ups.

In addition, we will need 3 Leads. These can be any AT, but they need to be willing and able to coordinate with the other teams. These can be any AT.

Please sign up below with the following:

Global Name
Character Name
Number of spots left AFTER you sign up.
3 Tanks / 6 Damage / 6 Buffers / 6 Debuffers / 3 Healers / 3 Misc

Do NOT sign up as a Misc unless the character you want to bring cannot fill another role, or the role normally filled by the character is full.

Continuity:4-The way rikti and freakshow talked and acted was consistent with how they usually act

Difficulty:3-Nothing too challenging, course I was on my scrapper though

Presentation:4-I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors. The clues/information you receive advance the plot correctly.

Story:2-The story wasn't that interesting. A few nice lines of dialog from the freakshow

Comments: Overall it was a decent AE arc that we were able to RP with. The story was a little too "been there, done that." for my taste. A couple funny lines from the freakshow kept it interesting and it's always fun to beat up rikti.

Rapp'Mas'Ta's War by @El Spark Arc ID: 8121







(copy if needed; list your review below)

Judging Guidelines

Continuity - The way the story meshes with canon, or doesn't. Unless a story is marked as non-canonical, this should always be rated.

Difficulty - The arc should present a challenge without being overly difficult. This is obviously a judgement call. If rated, please include what AT and powersets with which you played the arc.

Presentation - The quality of presentation, including spelling, grammar, and missing, or overly verbose information. This should always be rated, unless the arc is marked as "In Progress".

Story - The level of interest the story generates, not the grammar, spelling, or otherwise. This should always be marked.

All ratings go from 1-5, with 1 being a NOT RECOMMENDED and 5 being EXCEPTIONAL.

To add a review to an arc, click the link below, and then click the Edit button up top. You will need a wikidot account to add your review. Start the review with your global name, and add any thoughts you have. try to be brief if possible.

+ Judging Guidelines by FalconloftFalconloft, 25 Aug 2010 22:21