Channel And Forum Policies

Why Policies are Needed

We've always held that the mods should not have to be policemen. We try to keep a mature group of people in the channel, and while flare-ups do occasionally happens, they're limited, and don't generally cause lasting issues. This then, is not a an attempt to clamp down, but simply in request to several people having questions on the channel policies. Since we have forums, its only logical to have the same set of guidelines apply to the forums as well.

The Policies

Off Limit Topics

This bit is straight-forward enough. We have a mature audience for the channel, so most things are okay to talk about. However, three areas are, and always will be off-topic.

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Any Offensive Topics

Offensive Topics

This is a bit harder to define, but some that are obvious would be racist or sexist comments. Mods will need to make decisions on this on a case-by-case basis. If you are offended by a topic, feel free to ask people to change the subject. However, if they do not, please remember, RP Virtue is a public channel. It is in place for the community in general. This means that the community in general will usually determine acceptable subjects. If you do feel very strongly about a particular subject, the correct step to take would be to approach a mod and ask them to make a decision. Do NOT attack others in the channel for their chosen topic. Remember, you are able to mute the channel for a short time. If a mod does decide to end the topic, also keep in mind that he or she is making the decision for that one incident. It will not be binding for future events until all the mods have discussed it. Any additions will be noted in this section.

Personal Conduct

We expect all members of the channel to be able to be polite to others. Most of the time this isn't an issue. So the rules here aren't meant to be exhaustive, just an example of what's expected.

Personal Attacks

Talking about others in a derogatory way regardless of who they are or what their behaviour has been. This means any insults by name. If you see a silly bio or something, feel free to mention it, but if you start making fun of the player for having the bio, you've gone to far.


Everyone has them. That's fine. Here's the line, though. Saying, 'This is my opinion, and this is why,' is fine. Saying 'This is my opinion and it's the best becauseā€¦', is not acceptable. Watch your tone. If your tone is found to be out of line by a mod, you will be asked to change your approach.


Do not grief anyone else in the channel, and do not brag about griefing in the channel. Both are silencing offences.

Other Issues

From time to time, a mod may approach you about something that isn't covered in these rules. If they do, follow their directions. Its as easy as that. These rules aren't exhaustive, and aren't meant to be. We don't want to lock down conversation any more than we need to.


You will be given at least one verbal warning per issue. A reminder may be given after the first verbal warning, but only one is required.

After you have been warned, you may be silenced if the behaviour continues or is repeated. The silence will last until the situation in question has calmed down, usually no more than 15 minutes.

If you have previously in silenced, if the behaviour continues or is repeated, you will be silenced until 2 other mods can review your case. At that point, you will either be silenced permanently, or unsilenced.

Any further issues will result in an immediate silence. These silences can be addressed, but a majority of the mods must agree to unsilence the person. Any further issues will result in a permanent silence.